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(nō-gōō′chē), Hideyo 1876-1928.
Japanese-born American bacteriologist who discovered the cause of syphilis and yellow fever and who worked to develop treatments for them.
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Noguchi also emphasized the peace education programme for children have tremendous potential for success in terms of establishing sustainable peace.
Responding to the government of Ghanas request, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) was established in Ghana by the government of Japan in 1979.
Quiza Noguchi no haya sido el escultor de los "momentos" brillantes, de los grandes hallazgos formales --como Brancusi o Julio Gonzalez.
Noguchi said at a news conference at the American Natural History Museum that the very first step is to find where those objects are and track (them).
The resulting proposals, which currently fill the top floor of the Noguchi Museum, vary from the historical and practical to the playfully idealistic.
This might explain why Noguchi wrote only one other novel besides The American Diary, which are both overshadowed by the extraordinary amount of poetry he composed and for which he is well-known.
Some bits of rice got away and floated in the ISS, but Noguchi caught them midair with his mouth.
Working together with NASA astronaut Timothy Creamer, the 44-year-old Noguchi opened the air lock for the first time, brought out the 2.
Making reference to Durrat Al Bahrain project as a "man-made reef's obvious fish-like resemblance", Mr Noguchi commented, "Bahrain.
WAKEFIELD, ENGLAND -- The first major European exhibition of work by renowned Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi (1904-88) opens in July at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP).
ATHLETICS: Paula Radcliffe has predicted a fully fit Mizuki Noguchi will be one of her biggest rivals for next year's Olympic marathon title.