nocturnal penile tumescence

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nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT)

Etymology: L, nocturnus, by night, penile, pertaining to the penis, tumescere, to begin to swell
a normal condition of penile erection that occurs during sleep throughout most of the lifetime of a male. The occurrence of NPT is important in the diagnosis of impotence because its presence indicates that impotence may be psychogenic.

nocturnal penile tumescence

Sexology The spontaneous erection of the penis during sleep occurring from birth to advanced old age, typically, 3 episodes/night, for a total of 2-3 hrs (!!!); NPT occurs during REM sleep and is accompanied by erotosexual dreams. See Postage stamp test.

nocturnal penile tumescence



Erection occurring during sleep. In the normal male, erections during sleep begin in early childhood and continue to at least the eighth decade. The total time of NPT averages 100 minutes per night. In evaluating erectile dysfunction (ED), the presence of NPT suggests the patient has psychogenic rather than neurogenic or vascular ED.
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