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Charles P., U.S. gynecologist, 1863-1935. See: Noble position.


Robert L., 20th-century Canadian physiologist. See: Noble-Collip procedure.


adj an archaic term referring to inert gases and precious metals.
noble metal,
n a genus of aerobic nonmotile actinomycetes, which are transitional between bacteria and fungi. They are primarily saprophytic but may cause disease in man and other animals.
References in classic literature ?
With the flat of my sword I struck down his polluting hand; and grasping Dejah Thoris round the waist, I swung her behind me as, with my back against the draperies of the dais, I faced the tyrant of the north and his roomful of noble warriors.
What a man did in those rough cruel days might be forgotten and forgiven but the sins of his mother or his grandfather in not being of noble blood, no matter howsoever wickedly attained, he might never overcome or live down.
When that window was wrought, my noble friend, our hardy fathers knew not the art of making glass, or of staining it The pride of Wolfganger's father brought an artist from Normandy to adorn his hall with this new species of emblazonment, that breaks the golden light of God's blessed day into so many fantastic hues.
I should,'' replied Athelstane, ``hold very humble diet a luxury at present; and it astonishes me, noble Cedric, that you can bear so truly in mind the memory of past deeds, when it appeareth you forget the very hour of dinner.
To prepare for this weekend's expected crush of customers and rising demand for nobles, sellers said they have grown 5 percent more this year, but they warn prices could be higher at some lots.
His 4-foot to 5-foot nobles (the shortest trees) cost $39.
Some lots, like Home Depot in Woodland Hills on the other hand, sold 6- to 7-foot nobles for $32.
Even with Christmas still 28 days away, Martha Parker rushed out to get her tree Tuesday, one of those popular noble firs that were so hard to find last year.
I want to get it while it's fresh, and get it in water so that it lasts awhile,'' said the Reseda resident, as she bought her 6-foot noble for $32.
As Parker finished buying her tree, workers at Home Depot began the tedious process of unloading bundles of Douglas, noble and grand firs in anticipation of the weekend crush.