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No·bel Prize

(nō-bel' prīz),
Any one of a set of six annual international awards for extraordinary achievement; included are prizes in physics, chemistry, physiology, litrature, and medicine.
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The world’s most prestigious award, which honours those who have made a significant discovery or contribution to humanity. Except for an interruption by World War II, it has been given annually since 1901 for achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peace; it consists of a medal, a personal diploma, and prize money.
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Nobel Prize

An award given to a person who has provided seminal thought and work in a particular area of human endeavor and has been recognized for that work by the Nobel Prize committee of the Swedish Academy; NPs are awarded in Physiology or Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Peace, Economics
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Alfred B., Swedish chemist and philanthropist, 1833-1896.
nobelium (No) - an unstable transuranium element, atomic no. 102.
Nobel Prize - award to honor contributions to world peace, literature, economics, physiology, medicine, chemistry, and physics.
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Women featured are science writer Mary Sommerville, Marie Stopes, a palaeobotanist and advocate of birth control, and Dorothy Hodgkin, who won a Noble prize in 1964 for work in mapping the structure of insulin.
Some 3,000 participants from the worlds of politics, media and culture, as well as Noble Prize winners and representatives of civil society attended the meeting.
He was also awarded the Noble Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1937.
He was even awarded Noble Prize for peace for 'opposing war' in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Communism collapsed because of the Solidarity Movement lead by Lech Walesa, peace noble prize winner.
"A noble prize should be awarded to someone who achieved something, not simply for being willing to achieve something," says Dany Moussa, a web developer based in the Metn.Aa
Newly awarded Chemistry Noble Prize winner Ada Yonath called for freeing all Palestinian prisoners in Israel, arguing captivity is leading the Palestinians to desperation, the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT reported Monday.
But he adds, Eoe1/4EoTo the world it could mean two opposite things: the Noble prize is now being used as a political tool and not as a prestigious award aimed at recognition of efforts that have positively changed the world or it means it is truly symbolic recognition for the right attitudes and intentions.
-Turkish President Gul threatens that his country would abandon joining the EU.Aa-US President Obama is very thankful for wining Noble Prize " I Don't Deserve it".
Dessie Hughes, trainer of Noble Prize and The Rall "They are well and there's probably not much between them.
TIPPERARY: 5.10 Warhead, 5.40 Who's Deal, 6.10 American Star, 6.40 Noble Prize, 7.10 Midnight Lady, 7.40 Greenfield Noel, 8.10 Truckers Hall.
Irish poet William Butler Yeats won the Noble Prize for Literature.