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A reagent for the determination of nitric acid, perchlorate, and rhenium (so called because it is one of the few substances to form an insoluble nitrate).
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It carries a suggested retail price above the Ruger and Springfield guns, is on par with the Glock 19 and is slightly below the SIG P320 Nitron Carry.
These include PVD coatings along with low friction Carbon thin films, such as WCC-H and DLC, and a recently developed duplex process called Nitron 100 for Titanium alloys and stainless steels," states Wallwork, which also provides dry lubricating films with both Molybdenum Disulphate and Xylan.
The race chassis developed by Lotus Motorsport also has two way adjustable Nitron dampers -- fitted to an Elise for the first time -- and a polycarbonate backlight glass as well as hand-trimmed interior with bespoke detailing.
Our particular test sample sported a black Nitron finish, but it can also be had in stainless/black polymer 2-tone for the currently popular Flat Dark Earth.
Grip: Polymer modules, interchangeable sizes Finish: Nitron (stainless steel slide) Sights: Steel; fiber optic (front); adjustable notch (rear) Trigger: 6 lbs.
The only producer of nitron polyacrylic fibers in Russia.
The FDE model isn't all one color--while the polymer grip is a more traditional tan, the Nitron (PVD) coated slide is closer to a bronze hue that has darkened with time and use.
The vehicle features a bigger front intake that is intended to direct more cooling air to the engine bay, specific trim over the wheel arches, a roof-mounted spoiler, white silver paintwork with a contrasting black roof, bucket seats for the front passengers, a three-spoke steering wheel, a Nitron suspension setup, heavy duty Mintex brakes and wider 17-inch alloy wheels fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres.
Small parts, such as the magazine catch/release, grip panel screws, manual safety levers, grip safety, front and rear sights, slide stop lever, barrel bushing and recoil spring cap have a black Nitron finish.
These materials are industrially produced under trade mark FIBAN (13), VION (12), (18), and NITRON (19).
The P238 Lady sports a red Cerakote alloy beavertail-style frame, Nitron finished slide with scroll engraving with gold flower inlay and rosewood checkered grips.