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ni·tro·gen 15 (15N),

The less common stable nitrogen isotope, making up 0.37% of natural nitrogen.
Synonym(s): heavy nitrogen
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When nitrogen has an extra neutron it becomes a heavy isotope, nitrogen-15, which is rare.
When an animal eats another organism, this heavier form of nitrogen becomes more concentrated in its tissues than it was in its prey's tissues, so the higher up the food chain you go, the more nitrogen-15 you should find.
To confirm the effectiveness of the integrated crop-livestock approach, scientists use nuclear techniques involving the nitrogen-15 and carbon-13 isotopes.
Fate of nitrogen-15 applied to irrigated acala and pima cotton.
Van Kessel, Multi Season Recoveries of Organic and Inorganic Nitrogen-15 in Tropical Cropping Systems, Soil Sci.
Like their modern elephant counterparts, they should have been restricted to a diet of plants, but their bones reveal levels of nitrogen-15 ([sup.
That hint is the ratio of one isotope, or form, of nitrogen, called nitrogen-14, to another isotope, called nitrogen-15.
Over time, nitrogen-15 in the soil decreased slowly, with small amounts taken up by plants or leached into groundwater each year.
The Asia-Pacific stable isotopes market is dominated by deuterium (D2), oxygen-18 (O-18), carbon-13 (C-13), and nitrogen-15 (N-15).
The objective of this article was to shed light on the differences between the existing analysis techniques and establish a statistical analysis featuring greater detail on the results of stable carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 isotopes for traceability in birds.
Several soil processes, such as denitrification, mineralisation, nitrification, immobilisation, and ammonia volatilisation, induce nitrogen-15 ([sup.