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a product of the action of a mixture of nitric and sulfuric acids on cotton; used to make collodion.


Consists chiefly of cellulose tetranitrate, obtained by the action of nitric and sulfuric acids on cotton; used in the preparation of collodion.
[pyro- + G. xylon, wood]


/ni·tro·cel·lu·lose/ (ni″tro-sel´ūl-ōs) pyroxylin.

nitrocellulose (nitr)

a mixture of nitrate esters of cellulose made by treating cotton with nitric and sulfuric acids. Solutions in a mixture of ether and alcohol are used as "plastic skin" under the name of collodion. Also called pyroxylin.


pyroxylin, a base which is dissolved in alcohol or ether to form collodion.
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as much as 50 percent better than conventional nitrocellulose lacquers.
Austin said precatalyzed lacquers, higher in solids than straight nitrocellulose lacquers will be used more because they will fall within the VOC regulations being enforced in Southern California and portions of other states not in compliance with NESHAP.
In addition, DOTP allows use of PVC in contact with furniture finishes, since it has little tendency to migrate and soften nitrocellulose lacquers.
In addition to gaining acceptance as a suitable coating, waterborne coverings have been striving to offer the same performance as high VOC nitrocellulose lacquers.
Seminar participants will also visit Sligh Furniture, which applies nitrocellulose lacquers with HVLP spray guns to its high-end residential furniture.
Thomas Keeling says his firm has overcome the problem of air entrapment in its nearly commercial nitrocellulose lacquers for wood furniture.
The Unicarb formulation contains about 40 percent solids compared to about 22 percent with conventional nitrocellulose lacquers, according to Quist.