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a product of the action of a mixture of nitric and sulfuric acids on cotton; used to make collodion.
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Consists chiefly of cellulose tetranitrate, obtained by the action of nitric and sulfuric acids on cotton; used in the preparation of collodion.
[pyro- + G. xylon, wood]
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All nitrate film has to be sent to a film laboratory overseas, because there are no such laboratories in Ireland at present.
The movie industry, including Fox Studios, a Metters' client, also is applying the technology to preserve vintage movies, transferring them from eroding nitrate film to newer, more durable film stock, CD-ROM and laser disk.
Many once-famous movies have disappeared, victims of the decay of the nitrate film they were shot on.
Not realizing the nitrate film was highly flammable, he kept the reels in his truck for a while -- while he smoked cigarettes -- and later stored them near his woodstove at home.
But, auction house Bonham's spokesperson said the seven-minute 35mm nitrate film reel only attracted one bid.
When he got it through the post, he cracked it open and found the 35mm nitrate film inside with the title "Charlie Chaplin in Zepped".
The Yorkshire Film Archive contains a single reel of nitrate film showing moving images of Queen Victoria opening Sheffield Town Hall in May, 1897.
A Film 4/Sony BMG film/Parallel Films/ HanWay Films presentation of a Nitrate Film and Parallel Films production.
The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales is searching for amateur film footage of a family holiday, old cans full of explosive nitrate film or a hand-cranked silent film projector.
Old nitrate film reels deteriorate with age and are highly flammable so need to be kept in carefully-controlled habitats.
But Kodak has never been sent any of the autopsy footage and the company said it had never produced 16mm nitrate film stock.