Nissl, Franz

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Nissl, Franz

Ger. neurologist, 1860–1919.

Nissl body

Large granular bodies found in nerve cells. They can be demonstrated by selective staining. They are rough endoplasmic reticulum (with ribosomes) and are the site of protein synthesis. Nissl bodies show changes under various physiological conditions, and in pathological conditions they may dissolve and disappear (chromatolysis).
Synonym: Nissl granule See: tigroid bodies.

Nissl degeneration

Nerve cell degeneration after division of the axon.

Nissl granule

Nissl body.
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Franz, German neurologist, 1860-1919.
Nissl bodies - Synonym(s): Nissl substance
Nissl degeneration - cell body degeneration occurring after transection of the axon.
Nissl granules - Synonym(s): Nissl substance
Nissl methods - staining techniques.
Nissl stain - a method for staining nerve cells.
Nissl substance - the material consisting of granular endoplasmic reticulum and ribosomes that occurs in nerve cell bodies and dendrites. Synonym(s): basophil substance; Nissl bodies; Nissl granules; substantia basophilia; tigroid bodies
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