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Franz, German neurologist, 1860-1919. See: Nissl bodies, Nissl degeneration, Nissl granules, Nissl substance, Nissl stain.
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In this study, varying sizes of neuronal cell bodies were measured using Nissl stain and correlated with peripherin immunostaining.
The tissues were cryoprotected with 30% sucrose for 24 h, frozen at -20[degrees]C, cut into 40 [micro]m-thick sections with a cryocut microtome (Leica-Jung, Nussloch, Germany), and dyed using the Nissl technique to reconstruct the path followed by the micropipette and stimulation electrodes with the aid of stereotaxic coordinates [28].
After that period all the brains were coronally sectioned on a sliding vibratome (Vibratome 1500) and 60 um slices were obtained and treated for Nissl staining with Cresyl Violet to confirm the location of the cannula.
Adjacent sections were also stained with Nissl for general morphological evaluation and further quantification of nigral neurons.
After electrophysiology/microdialysis experiments, Nissl staining was processed, all recording sites in the brain were verified by light microscopy (Figure 3), and data from the wrong located rats were not used.
La coloracion de cresil violeta empleada tine los cuerpos de Nissl presentes en el soma y las dendritas neuronales, asi como el nucleo de las celulas gliales (figura 1 B, C).
Stahl (ETR:RSL1) yesterday announced the acquisition of its Austrian long-standing sales partner Robert Nissl, without revealing financial details.
Histological sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin, using the methods of van Gieson, Mallory and Nissl. The linear dimensions of blood vessels using an ocular ruler were determined.
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Along the axons were multiple foci of mature ganglion cells with well-formed Nissl bodies in the peripheral cytoplasm.
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