Nishimoto, A.

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A., Japanese physician.
Nishimoto disease - vascular syndrome. Synonym(s): Nishimoto-Takeuchi syndrome
Nishimoto-Takeuchi syndrome - Synonym(s): Nishimoto disease
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"Our natural visual experience is like watching a movie," said Shinji Nishimoto, a post-doctoral researcher in Gallant's lab.
Tetsuya Nishimoto, a former Ground Self-Defense Force general and chairman of the Joint Staff Council, notes that he consulted with Japanese groups working in Cambodia on necessary safety precautions when the SDF were dispatched to the U.N.
Brian Nishimoto, a former county planning director and now Amfac's vice president and general manager of the Kauai community development division, unveiled the company's Hanamaulu Community Master Plan.