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a genus in the plant family of Euphorbiaceae.

Phyllanthus abnormis
North American plant; contains an unidentified toxin which causes liver and kidney damage manifested by compulsive walking, tenesmus, rectal prolapse, petechiation and death. Called also spurge.
Phyllanthus gasstroemii
may cause cyanide poisoning.
Phyllanthus lacunarius
causes gastroenteritis.
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2003), in which Phyllanthus niruri extract also decreased the size of crystals, indicating that the use of this plant can interfere in urolithiasis.
Phyllanthus niruri (L) Euphorbiaceae Stone breaker Pueraria phaseoloides Fabaceae Kudzu (Roxb.
Various active constituents isolated from plants are andrographolide from Andrographis paniculata, picroliv from Picrorhiza kurroa, phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin from Phyllanthus niruri and methoxy benzoic acid from Capparis spinosa, which have been reported to be antihepatotoxic (5-9).
Brewed in India by Khoday Breweries and distributed by UK-based Gohel Enterprises, the 5% abv Lady Bird beer is a premium lager with extracts of aloe vera and the herbs phyllanthis niruri and ashwagandha, which are purported to have medicinal qualities that can alleviate asthma and arthritis as well as lower the potential for a next-day hangover.
Lady Bird Bio Beer is a 5% abv premium lager with extracts of aloe vera and the herbs phyllanthus niruri and ashwagandha, which are thought to contain medicinal qualities that can alleviate ailments such as asthma and arthritis.
Also, it was shown that some other phytochemicals, such as ternatin which is a flavonoid isolated from Egletes viscosa Less and Phyllanthus niruri hydroalcoholic extract prevented the CYP-induced cystitis with their antioxidant and antiinflammatory effects (Vieira et al.