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village in Malaysia where the first human case was detected in 1999.
Nipah virus - a paramyxovirus with features of encephalitis and meningitis; spread from swine to humans.
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Each time Revathy, modelled after State Health Minister KK Shailaja, took a determined step to wipe out Nipah under her watch, the audiences erupted in cheers reserved for rockstars.
Kerala's economy, that relies heavily on tourism and foreign remittances, was hit by a double whammy of Nipah and unprecendented floods last year.
Characterization of Nipah virus from outbreaks in Bangladesh, 2008-2010.
Nipah is contagious and currently has no vaccines for humans or animals.
Meanwhile, the health minister, Tandin Wangchuk stated on his Facebook page that there is hoax news spreading in Whatsapp and other social media about Nipah virus infection being spread in Shilong, Meghalaya, India.
The WHO has named Nipah as one of the eight priority diseases that could cause an epidemic, along with Ebola and Zika.
The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) said last week that Profectus BioSciences and Emergent BioSolutions would receive up to $25 million to accelerate work on a vaccine against Nipah virus.
Kerala state health minister KK Shylaja said that 10 people had died of Nipah virus and two more are in a critical condition.
Called the Nipah virus, it is listed by the ( World Health Organization as "a newly emerging zoonosis that causes severe disease in both animals and humans." A zoonosis is a disease that animals can communicate to humans.
Health officials in the south Indian state of Kerala say nine people have died in confirmed and suspected cases of the deadly Nipah virus, BBCreported.
Take the emergence of Nipah virus, which first appeared in Malaysia in 1999.