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village in Malaysia where the first human case was detected in 1999.
Nipah virus - a paramyxovirus with features of encephalitis and meningitis; spread from swine to humans.
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Possible contamination of nearby hospital surfaces by Nipah patients with infectious bodily secretions, coupled with a lack of infection control measures in low-income hospitals, puts healthcare workers, caregivers, visitors, and other patients in the ward at risk for NiV infection by contaminated hospital surfaces.
Holle was the first to use the term nipah in 1862 (NBG 1, 1862-1863:14; Van Lennep 1969:16).
Nipah Virus was blamed for the death of horses, residents, cats, and dogs in Tinalon and Midtungkok villages.
Nipah is naturally found in the fruit-eating flying foxes, which feasted on the mangoes planted by farmers.
Furthermore, in cell cultures, it was found to inhibit the growth of other deadly viruses, like Ebola, Nipah and the Rift Valley Fever virus.
In addition, the Nipah virus, which causes fatal encephalitis in up to 70% of human cases, is responsible for seasonal outbreaks in Asia with person-to-person transmission now becoming a primary mode of infection.
Wigmore Hall: initially tested positive for the Nipah virus but last result was negative
Nipah virus causes severe illness characterized by brain inflammation or respiratory diseases in humans and animals, according to the World Health Organization.
Efforts are going on to better understand the extent to which known pathogens, like H5N1 or Nipah virus, occur in their natural reservoirs on a global scale.
Contents Introduction NBAF Research Goals NBAF Site Selection Process Expressions of Interest Prospective Sites Finalists Final Site Selection Criteria NBAF Funding Site Specific and Additional Costs Policy Issues Consequences of a Pathogen Release Foot and Mouth Disease Rift Valley Fever Nipah Virus Adequacy of Response Plans Adequacy of Protection Against Pathogen Release Biosafety Guidelines Should NBAF Be on the Mainland?
Nipah virus encephalitis is caused by Nipah virus, a previously unknown virus of the family Paramyxoviridae.
animal husbandry and food-processing threats such as the human form of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and Nipah virus.