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Pyotr V., Russian dermatologist, 1858-1940. See: Nikolsky sign.
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I am truly honored to be recognized and look forward to presenting the 36th Annual AHS Nikolsky Lecture, said Wood.
Wood will be honored at AHS International's 72nd Annual Grand Awards Banquet with the presentation of the Nikolsky certificate and medallion.
Lavrov and Nikolsky paint a clear picture of how and why Ukraine ended up having barely 5,000 combat-ready troops in 2014, as well as few flying aircraft and hardly any functioning ships.
Nikolsky GV The theory of fish population dynamics, New York and London, 1969:351Pp.
Rivera, Ivelisse Rivera, Melissa Rivera, Nikolsky S.
Bazen pustuller birleserek Nikolsky belirtisi yanlis pozitif olarak degerlendirilebilir ve hasta toksik epidermal nekroz veya staSlokokkal haslanmis deri sendromu olarak yanlis tani alabilir (10).
The second in command, Viktor Nikolsky, who became captain after his predecessor died of a heart condition, had tried in vain to turn the ship away from the pirates.
In a telephone interview, Chief Mate Victor Nikolsky spoke of his shock at finding the captain dead from a heart attack.
A man who identified himself as first mate Viktor Nikolsky said the hijackers were asking for a ransom but he did not know how much.
In a phone message, a man claiming to be first mate Vladimir Nikolsky said the pirates were demanding money from the ship's owners.