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Pyotr V., Russian dermatologist, 1858-1940. See: Nikolsky sign.
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Electronic auction: performance of functions of the developer for the development of design and estimate documentation of the facility: "construction of a modular gas boiler house with optimization of heat networks in the village of nikolskoe, pokrovsky settlement"
Following their wedding and subsequent move to Nikolskoe, Sergei's estate, music dwindles into the background.
but after an umpteenth cave-in, 14 members of a doomsday cult yesterday decided they'd had enough and quit the bunker they were in for six months in Nikolskoe, Russia.
State Nature Preserve Komandorsky, Nikolskoe Kamchatskoy Oblasti, Russia, 684500.
We first landed in Nikolskoe, Bering Island, where I saw three posters, one each for Hirohito, Mussolini, and Hitler, each depicting a crushing defeat.
Electronic auction: construction of an inland settlement gas pipeline of medium and low pressure in the village of nikolskoe in the kuzovatovsky district of the ulyanovsk region
Address : 188357, Leningrad Region, Gatchinsky District, Nikolskoe S, Ul Menkovskaya, 10