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Pyotr V., Russian dermatologist, 1858-1940. See: Nikolsky sign.
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People living between roughly 33,500 and 31,500 years ago hunted the animals mainly for ivory, say paleontologist Pavel Nikolskiy and archaeologist Vladimir Pitulko of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
"Yana people definitely attacked from the mammoth's blind spot," Nikolskiy says.
(3.) Uzun S, Durdu M: The specificity and sensitivity of Nikolskiy sign in the diagnosis of pemphigus.
"In particular, the bank has recently demonstrated positive commercial dynamics and an improvement in its asset quality and funding profile", said credit analyst Victor Nikolskiy.
cit.; Aleksey Nikolskiy, "Submarines and Aircraft for Vietnam", Vedomosti, 3 December 2009.
On five of the towers of the Kremlin in Moscow, (Spasskiy, Nikolskiy, Troitskiy, Borovitskiy and Vodovzvodniy) there are large illuminated five- pointed red stars made of glass, erected in November 1937.
The bank's stable financial outcomes, strong capitalisation and positive commercial momentum accounted for the rating affirmation, said the agency's analyst Victor Nikolskiy.
Senior analyst of Standard & Poor's Loan Ratings Service Victor Nikolskiy says the policies on reducing the number of banks and procedures which are being implemented by the CBA are aimed at increasing stability, which is inherent to many countries.