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Pyotr V., Russian dermatologist, 1858-1940. See: Nikolsky sign.
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Evaluation of five essential oils as botanical acaricides against the strawberry spider mite Tetranychus turkestani Ugarov and Nikolskii. Int.
two initial functions in the Sobolev/Nikolskii spaces and the free term in the equation in the spaces of the dominating mixed smoothness in (x, t) (much broader then the Sobolev or Nikolskii spaces of the same order).
In analogy with the Bernstein and Markoff inequalities, we give two versions of the Nikolskii inequality.
Finally, by making use of our results, we construct an example of a function having a lacunary Fourier series, which shows that N(p, [theta], r, [lambda], [phi]) classes are properly embedded between the appropriate Nikolskii classes and Besov classes.
Their toxicity varies greatly among species, ranging from 1 [micro]g/kg (Textilotoxin) to 380 [micro]g/kg (HDP-2 from Vipera nikolskii) [53].
Others with whom Il'in corresponded and those who he accepted as friends included: the actor and director Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavskii (1863-1938); the painter Mikhail Vasilevich Nesterov (1862-1942), who had produced a remarkable image of Il'in; the composer Sergei Vasil'evich Rachmaninoff (1873-1943); Baron Petr Nikolaevich Wrangel (1878-1928); Aleksei Aleksandrovich von Lampe (1885-1967); and Boris Aleksandrovich Nikolskii (187-1969).
(2000) found that resistance induced by the spidermite Tetranychus turkestani Ugarov and Nikolskii feeding in cotton seedlings reduced whitefly densities.
For functions s [member of] [B.sup.p.sub.[sigma]] the norms (1.10) and (1.1) are related by the Nikolskii inequality ([17], p.
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