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Pyotr V., Russian dermatologist, 1858-1940. See: Nikolsky sign.
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Others quartered themselves along the Vozdvizhenka, the Nikolski, and the Tverskoy Streets.
APICDA--which supports the villages of Akutan, Atka, False Pass, Nelson Lagoon, Nikolski, and St.
Los ejemplares se examinaron in situ midiendo la longitud total (cm) (ictiometro Wildco), el peso total (g) (balanza Ohaus), se identifico el sexo y el grado de madurez sexual segun el criterio de Nikolski (1963) simplificado por Andrade et al.
This might explain the abundant corpus of research in Europe (Art 2011; Betz 2004; Blaise and Moreau 2004; Camus et Lebourg 2015; Klandermans and Mayer 2006; Mammone 2015; Mudde 2000; Nikolski 2013; Perrineau 2001; Pirro 2015), and the relative scarcity of the literature in the Canadian context, although we have been noticing a growing interest in the last couple of years (Baron 1997; Bernier Arcand 2013; Bernier et Campana 2015; Hubert and Claude 1991; Kinsella 1994; Tanner and Campana 2014; Young and Craig 1997).
Cleveland Volcano forms the western part of Chuginadak Island and is 45 miles (70 kilometers) west of tiny Nikolski and its 15 permanent residents on Umnak Island.
One teenager who lives in the village of Nikolski on the island of Umnak vowed that he would take up the sport: 'After all, my family has a pretty good history in the iqyax.
The tsunami warning covered coastal areas from Nikolski to Attu at the western end of the Aleutian island chain.
Said by Grant Aviation, which took over PenAir s Atka and Nikolski service this week.
The nearest human settlement is Nikolski, a tiny Aleut village located about 45 miles to the east.
Russians made important contributions in the second-tier roles--Alisa Kolsova as Olga and the still-impressive Gleb Nikolski as Prince Gremin--but veteran French tenor Jean-Paul Fouche-court seemed past his prime as Monsieur Triquet.
Young) for permission to conduct destructive analysis, and I thank the people of Nikolski and Unalaska for their ongoing kindness and support.