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Pyotr V., Russian dermatologist, 1858-1940. See: Nikolsky sign.
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Also, at the Government meeting, a teacher from Nikolskaya secondary school of the Akmola region N.
Moving to Russia with Kempinski Hotels, Redaelli took on the challenge of managing Kempinski Nikolskaya whilst overseeing the successful rebrand of Kempinski Gelendzhik.
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Although Moscow had an official fan fest and opened a second one during the tournament because of the demand, the city saw the 700-metre-long pedestrianised Nikolskaya Street, close to the Red Square and the Kremlin, become the unofficial fan celebration centre and a symbol of the coming-together of nations.
Back home, Russia's usually strict laws against unsanctioned public gatherings have been effectively suspended for World Cup celebrations, with Nikolskaya Street in central Moscow transformed into an around-the-clock space for fans to party.
There's also a main fan street on Nikolskaya Street in Moscow, otherwise known as the Street of Lights, where fans from all participating nations meet everyday." "Effectively, there's a football carnival on this street 24 hours a day," added Andrianov.
"The Mexicans are having the most fun," said Alyona Elisaeva, who works at a small cafe on Nikolskaya Street, the pedestrian promenade leading into Moscow's Red Square.
This concept depicts the attempt of Xenia Nikolskaya, the photographer, to shed lights on these neglected places.
Les oeuvres de l'artiste marocain Hicham Benohoud, Farida Hamak et Xenia Nikolskaya seront presentees a la MEP lors de cet evenement.
Mientras que las causas secundarias, menos frecuentes, pueden presentarse a partir de lesiones o tumores intracraneales, tales como tumores del angulo pontocerebeloso, carcinoma de laringe y tumores naso y orofaringeos, tumores de la base de craneo, compresion vascular intracraneal, trauma, extracciones dentales, esclerosis multiple, enfermedad de Paget, proceso estiloides alargado (sindrome de Eagle), y procesos inflamatorios, como el sindrome de Sjogren (Blumenfeld & Nikolskaya, 2013).