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Nikola, Serbian-U.S. electrical engineer, 1856-1943.
tesla - in the SI system, the unit of magnetic flux density.
Tesla current - Synonym(s): high-frequency current
Tesla magnet
Tesla measurement
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Ten years later, New York City named the intersection of West 40th Street and Avenue of the Americas the Nikola Tesla Corner.
Soldiers and energy workers toiled through the night to build barriers of sandbags to keep the water back from the Nikola Tesla energy complex and from the coal-fired Kostolac power plant, east of Belgrade.
All searching for the final concept of Nikola Tesla.
During this volatile research (which basically did not lead anywhere), I came upon the work of a certain Nikola Tesla and that led me to quantum mechanics.
of Virginia) presents a new biography about Nikola Tesla, which illuminates his visionary methods as well as inventive designs.
Live golf, cricket and Tour de France BBC2, Sky Sports Ashes and Eurosport/ITV4 DID you know that the origins of the TV remote control date back to inventor Nikola Tesla who in 1898 demonstrated a radio-controlled boat?
In 1888, Nikola Tesla patented the AC induction motor, which today powers everything from household appliances to heavy industrial machinery.
Also, allow me to provide additional information to supplement the references made to Nikola Tesla's technologies.
Several months after portraying inventor Nikola Tesla at the IES Centennial conference, Fred Oberkircher (along with co-presenter Lee Kirby) adapted the presentation into an article for LD+A.
Project Computer Simulation and 3-D Modeling of the Original Patents of Nikola Tesla has begun in April 2009, carried out at the Faculty of Electronics in Nis, in the laboratory CiitLab.