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Pyotr V., Russian dermatologist, 1858-1940. See: Nikolsky sign.
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From the 1920s to the first half of the 1940s, they included Danilin (1878-1945), Chesnokov (1877-1944), and Nikol'skii (1874-1943), with whom future leaders of the All-Russian Choral Society trained, and from whom they adopted the Synodal School's greatest attainments.
35) Vsemirnaia in 1874 printed a full page picture of the Nikol'skii Market, famous for its profusion of hawkers and cheap goods, including books.
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In section 5, we consider Nikol'skii and Besov classes and discuss embedding theorems between these classes and the Besov-Nikol'skii class.
In the early twentieth century other clubs such as the Nikol'skii, the Koenig, and the British Sports Club flourished briefly; and in 1916 the Thornton Factory Sports Club (founded two years earlier by the British owners but with Russian players) began to play soccer on the Embankment the Right Bank.
The biggest block of flats on the Arbat was between Nikol'skii and Denezhnyi Lanes, these days they are called Plotnikov Lane and Vesnin Street--three eight-storey buildings, standing closely one behind the other, the facade of the first one decorated with white glazed tiles.
9) for the polynomials we can indicate the investigations by Nikol'skii [21], Mamedhanov [19], Milovanovic et al.
in Nikolai Nikol'skii, Kirillo-Belozerskii monastyr' i ego ustroistvo do vtoroi chetverti XVII veka (1397-1625), 1, no.
Nikol'skii, On imbedding, continuation and approximation theorems for differentiable functions of several variables, Russian Math.
46) This concept found its way into the debates among professionals as well: in Russkii vrach, Dmitrii Nikol'skii accused the "Kulturtrager, who are so proud of their high level and superiority in everything," of a deliberate policy of driving the thousands of POWs to suicide or into complete physical disability.
2] Fourier inversion; and the inequalities of Bernstein and Nikol'skii are used in the proof of Lemma 1.