night sight

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a thing seen.
far sight hyperopia.
near sight myopia.
night sight hemeralopia.


Inability to see as distinctly in a bright light as in reduced illumination; seen in patients with impaired cone function.
[G. hēmera, day, + alaos, obscure, + ōps, eye]

night sight


Term used to mean either night blindness in which there is a partial or total inability to see in the dark associated with a loss of rod function or vitamin A deficiency; or day blindness in which there is reduced vision in daylight while vision is normal in the dark. Syn. nyctalopia (this term is only synonymous with night blindness); night sight (this term is only synonymous with day blindness). See girate atrophy; congenital stationary night blindness; choroideremia; Oguchi's disease; retinitis pigmentosa.
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India's Defence Research and Development Organisation is to design the night sight used on the Indian Army's Close Quarter Carbine rifle.
Night Sight, bought out of the Geoff Wragg stable as a two-year-old in cracking form and Chapman explained: "We ran him over hurdles and it frightened him, for a while we did not travel him far so that he would not have too much time to worry about going to the races.
Night Sight, who is 6lb lower than his last win over two years ago, has since finished a creditable third to Trance and Loves Travelling at Doncaster.
Thomas, enjoying a splendid season, reached his 50-winner milestone - and reduced his claim to 3lb - with a cool ride on Night Sight, producing him to lead a furlong out and keeping him going in terrific style to beat Sporting Gesture by a head, with a whole bunch of horses finishing on their heels.
Night Sight has been running with consistency this term and, provided he finds daylight when he he needs it, he should be knocking on the door at the business end.
The NSN for the MK 19 and M2 reticle is NSN 5855-01-192-9075 and it's used with the AN/TVS-5 night sight.
Having stopped riding the four-year-old for about a stride inside the last furlong, he then kept pushing away, but lost third place by a head to Night Sight.
As well as the speed line, their haul included a hand-held global positioning system, night sight binoculars, two yellow torches, bolt cutters and a distinctive RNLI first aid kit.
TRT is programme manager for the MIRA thermal imaging night sight of the Euromissile Milan anti-tank missile, with Marconi Space and Defence Systems in the UK, and Siemens in Germany, as partners.
With the handicapper taking no chances with the unexposed three-year-old Blue Leader, the winner of a Goodwood maiden last time, the biggest dangers to Bandler Ching look to be Eton and Night Sight.
NIGHT SIGHT, whose bid for a hat-trick ended in honourable defeat at Royal Ascot last month, is napped to return to winning ways in the Tote Old Newton Cup (3.
MICHAEL CHAPMAN celebrated his 63rd birthday in style as Night Sight ran out a decisive winner of the featured Arena Leisure Stakes at Southwell yesterday.