Night Owl

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A popular term for a person whose circadian period is longer than 24 hours, who wakes up before his/her peak hour of sleepiness
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8220;When I first started Envision, Night Hawk was the fuel that sustained me during the late nights it took to build the company.
For ease of transportation, the Night Hawk light towers come standard with forklift slots and 2 in.
But the pistol, one of the great single actions of all time, a gift from Buffalo Bill to Night Hawk assumedly for his service as a physician during Custer's fateful campaigns -- the pistol still remains.
But Steve persisted, and last summer I found myself the proud owner of a brand new 56-inch Cascade Night Hawk.
Night Hawk showed such moderate form before Doncaster that he started at 50-1, and the St Leger remained the only race he won in 10 career starts.
Mickey Gray fished the SEA Fishing a Night Hawk competition and took two cod for 7lb 7oz, the best 5lb 2oz on ragworm from Hawthorn Hive.
Seaham Sea Angling Club hold their Age Concern Night Hawk competition on Saturday (6pm to 1am).
Seaham fished their Night Hawk match for age concern with 41 anglers fishing from 6pm to 1am.