Night Owl

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A popular term for a person whose circadian period is longer than 24 hours, who wakes up before his/her peak hour of sleepiness
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"We have been planning for weeks now and we are trying to see if we can make some subtle changes but keep the essence of Night Owls.
"Part of the reason we've done the crowd funding is to raise awareness with businesses that we are looking for main sponsors - but Night Owls has so many fans, if all of them donated just 50p each we'd be in business."
"Until we understand other correlations, such as obesity rates and exercise rates in morning people versus night owls, I do not think definitive conclusions can be drawn," Police added.
He said: "On a personal note, I'm gutted beyond words, and this is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, having built Night Owls and the radio station."
Night owls are individuals whose internal body clock dictates later-than-usual sleep and wake times - in this study participants had an average bedtime of 2.30am and wake-up time of 10.15am.
Night owls are also more prone to depression, diabetes and other health problems.
The findings based on a study of nearly half a million participants showed that night owls suffer from more diseases and disorders than morning larks.
Night owls stay up late but struggle to drag themselves out of bed in the morning.
The research duo urged special treatment for night owls.
After sorting the students into "night owls," "daytime finches" and "morning larks" -- based on their activities on days they were not in class -- researchers compared their class times to their academic outcomes.