Night Owl

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A popular term for a person whose circadian period is longer than 24 hours, who wakes up before his/her peak hour of sleepiness
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Night Owl Games has said that it will take the game out of beta and officially launch in summer 2011.
Rorschach and Night Owl fight Ozymandias, but he is much too powerful and they have to flee.
The crews that took part in Patriot Night Owl spent a great deal of time working on tactical formation maneuvering, a set of standardized procedures for flying low-level routes and reacting to course changes and threats.
His semi-final conqueror Im Night Owl, well backed ante-post at 33-1 and again at 16-1 prior to his maiden success in this country, drew the coveted trap one slot and is now as low as 9-4 in a place and a best priced 7-2 with Hills.
Great for a child's bedroom - boy or girl - these wooden night owl LED lights are battery operated and each set of string of lights comes with a series of two owl designs in a pretty blue and brown.
TEAMS of Guides and Scouts from the Coventry area took part in Night Owl, a competitive six-mile night hike.
With an additional 20GB of Night Owl data automatically included, Vodacom contract subscribers get an effective 40GB of data for only R499.
The "genetic propensity" test developed at Swansea University will reveal if someone has a night owl or "up with the lark" body clock.
The Night Owl service station, at the junction of the M54 and A460, near Cannock in Staffordshire, suffered from continual crime including thefts from vehicles, anti-social behaviour, vandalism, and theft of vehicles.
The Scottish Executive take the matter so seriously, they have pumped pounds 100,000 into keeping noise down and the cash handout has ledto the launch of a council night owl service.
It's obviously the influence of Charlie's night owl boyfriend Tony Truman.