nicotine patch

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nicotine patch

A disposable device imbibed with a nicotine-releasing cream, which is used in smoking cessation.
Adverse effects
Transient burning, itching (50%), erythema (14%), contact hypersensitivity (2.4%).

Nicotine patches (NPs) result in end-of-treatment smoking cessation of 18–77%, a six-month abstinence of 22–42% (vs 5–28% for placebo patches), and reduce many of the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Available data suggests that 6–8 weeks of NP therapy is adequate in most patients; for success in smoking cessation to be most effective, NPs should be used in conjunction with adjuvant smoking cessation counselling. The abstinence rate in one study was 17% at one year, which is lower than that reported for nicotine gum and behavioural therapy.

nicotine patch

Nicotine transdermal delivery system Substance abuse
A device used in smoking cessation Side effects Transient burning, itching–50%, erythema–14%; contact hypersensitivity–2.4%. See Nicotine replacement therapy.

nicotine patch

A transdermal method of administering nicotine, used as an aid in quitting smoking.
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nic·o·tine patch

(nikŏ-tēn pach)
A transdermal form of nicotine withdrawal therapy available in various dosages.

Patient discussion about nicotine patch

Q. nicotine patch does anyone know if you can use the patch for smokeless tobacco users,that dont smoke,and how well does it work,what are the side effects,i"ve been using smokeless tobacco for 24 years and would like to stop,tried going cold turkey,but it didnt work,my dr. said i should try the patch,but couldnt tell me if it would work or not.

A. There is really no reason you couldn't try the patch. The problem would be with what dose to start. Usually if people smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day they start with the 21mg but I am not sure how smokeless tobacco relates to cigarettes. Your best bet may be to try the gum as you chew it and then place it between you cheek and gum for a while, similar to dip.

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These three treatment regimens are: 16-milligram nicotine e-cigarettes, 21-mg nicotine patches, or placebo e-cigarettes that did not contain nicotine.
A team at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand, conducted the first clinical trial comparing the devices with nicotine patches in 657 people.
Nursery practitioner Fiona started smoking as a teenager and after several half-hearted attempts to quit finally gave up in 2012 with the help of nicotine patches.
But the presence of the nicotine patches inevitably casts doubt on Mul's ostensible narrative of technological development.
AFP -- Nicotine patches fail to help pregnant women to stop smoking, according to a study published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Tuesday.
We cannot ignore these troubling statistics, and for this reason I have asked the Health Minister James Reilly to consider making nicotine patches freely available to pregnant women under GP supervision.
The proportion of participants who successfully quit was about 7 percent for those using e-cigarettes and 6 percent for those using nicotine patches.
Washington, Sept 08 ( ANI ): The first ever trial to compare e-cigarettes with nicotine patches has found that both methods result in comparable success in quitting, with roughly similar proportions of smokers who used either method remaining abstinent from smoking for six months after a 13 week course of patches or e-cigarettes.
Q I have heard that nicotine patches can help people improve their memory.
Smokers have considerably more success when they use nicotine patches or take prescription medications than when they try to go it alone, an international study has found.
The study investigated the efficacy and safety of nicotine patches during pregnancy.
However, while this study suggests that further research into the use of nicotine for people with early signs of memory loss may be warranted, people with mild memory loss should not start smoking or using nicotine patches by themselves--smoking has harmful effects, and starting a medication such as nicotine should be done only in consultation with your doctor.