Stensen, Niels

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Stensen, Niels

, Steensen, Niels (stan'sen, sten'sen)
Danish anatomist and geologist, 1638–1686.

Stensen duct

The duct leading from the parotid gland to the oral cavity.
Synonym: parotid duct

Stensen foramina

Incisive foramina of the hard palate, transmitting anterior branches of the descending palatine vessels.
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Niels, Danish anatomist, 1638-1686.
Stensen canal
Stensen duct - Synonym(s): parotid duct
Stensen experiment - an experiment on an animal in which the blood supply is cut off from the lumbar region of the spine.
Stensen foramen - Synonym(s): incisive foramen
Stensen plexus - the parotid duct's venous structure.
Stensen veins - Synonym(s): vortex veins
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Nicolaus Steno is often called the founder of geology for his pioneering work with fossils and the strata of the earth.
In 1669, however, the Danish geologist Nicolaus Steno (1636-1686) maintained that they were the remains of creatures that had lived long ago and whose remains had slowly petrified; that is, been converted into stone.
Respectfully and reverently, medical student Nicolaus Steno utilized his anatomical methodology to examine why seashells and sharks' teeth were found embedded within rock formations on the tops of mountains and along the Tuscan countryside.