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William, Scottish physicist, 1768-1851. See: Nicol prism.
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We have a triple A rating, we didn't issue bonds but we've reached a point when the level of bank debt in the projects that we're taking on are necessarily stripping the ability of the banking system so it's about time we started raising funds from the capital market,' Nicol said.
Along with being responsible for Winkworth's financial reporting, Nicol will also help to further evolve the Winkworth platform and infrastructure.
The book is published by Sport Media (part of the ECHO family) and Nicol - now an American TV pundit - will be in attendance for the launch, discussing some of the stories that made it into the book.
The disappearance of Mr Nicol, who was 74 at the time, still remains a mystery.
Nicol explains in his opening discussion that the playwrights--whose relationship he claims was more business-like than friendly--pursued a 'framing' system for their collaborative plots, a structure that, as he continues in the following chapter, resists the 'fusi[on]' of Middleton and Rowley 'into a transcendental singular author' (37).
Nicol said neither he nor Guptill had designated roles, as such, and they just work on the policy of giving each other the strike when it's needed and playing the bowling on its merits.
In the fifth over of the innings, Waters had Dent well caught at second slip by Stewart Walters and, on the stroke of tea, Nicol drove straight to Marcus North at short extra cover.
Nicol She claimed the will was genuine and that her close relationship with her son had been kept from Sharon.
Who we are: Nicol Scales & Measurement has proudly served Texas and the Southwest since 1931.
They're quite a generous family so they don't seem to crack the whip too much," says Nicol, 58.
Focusing his subject matter on classic novels such as "East of Eden" and "To Kill a Mockingbird," to name a few, Nicol has succeeded in capturing the beauty and mystique of vintage hardbound books in his paintings.
So far, eight persons have been arrested in the case and Nicol is the first GJM central committee member to be held for the murder.