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William, Scottish physicist, 1768-1851. See: Nicol prism.
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A management report rubbished his claims, stating: "Mr Nicol is now seeking to blame others for his actions.
He also banned Nicol from driving for two years for smashing into a car as he fled the scene.
Nicol says Cascades has been "very helpful and cooperative" and although terms on their original letter of intent with the Quebec forest products giant has expired, Cascades intend to proceed with the sale.
"This was the minimum of what I wanted to achieve," said Nicol. "I'll now be able to finish in front of the pyramids, the place which I shall always remember the most."
Inverurie-born Nicol achieved fame and some notoriety in Scotland when, having won the 1998 Commonwealth title and the 1999 World Open for the country of his birth, he switched allegiance to England in order to secure better funding for his future.
Nicol has high expectations of the journal's Editorial Board to obtain and assess reviews in a timely fashion.
Nicol's short stories, simple and realistic presentations of everyday events, are written with astute insight into what he sees as life's mixture of the tragic and the absurd.
Croatia centre-back Vida impressed at the World Cup, where he played alongside Liverpool's Dejan Lovren in the centre of defence, but Nicol - who won four league titles and the European Cup with Liverpool - isn't a fan.
Nicol said: "He's just the greatest footballer of all time.
"They are long-term equity investors," Nicol said, adding that a deal could be concluded in the third quarter if Metro Pacific decided to sell.
The last confirmed sighting of Mr Nicol was on CCTV at the train station in Alnmouth just after 4pm on Friday, January 25.