A proprietary formulation of nicotine & water, intended as an alternative to patches and chewing gum for smoking cessation
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If he has his way, smokers would sip NicoWater and satisfy their craving for a cigarette, rather than lighting up.
We're not trying to put a wrench in the creation of tools to help smokers quit, we just want companies like NicoWater to put some money into the process that products should go through to make sure they're safe and effective,'' said Matt Barry, senior policy analyst for the National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids.
With national distribution growing and a contract with Longs Drugs in November, he thinks NicoWater has a strong future, envisioning it in convenience stores, bars and restaurants one day.
QT 5 had attempted to claim in the proceeding that its rights to the Patent had not been terminated and that it still had the right to market its flagship product NicoWater.
He will also serve as Senior Associate Medical Research spokesman for the NICOwater product line.