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NEXT BIG THING Generation 3 CDN Products at Cisco--ensuring that there is a Media Optimized Network to deliver any content over any network to any device to support any business model.
ANOTHER good place to see next big things in Coventry is The Jailhouse - or the next very loud things at the very least.
The next big thing was the "teitaku wedding," a casual wedding in a gracious private home rented for the occasion.
Storage management is going to be the next big thing in storage.
Whatever the verdict you can guarantee that the Next Big Thing in fashion will be something you wore first time around in your late teens (and it didn't suit you then either when gravity played no part in your bodily appearance).
In a vote of confidence that nanotechnology might be the next big thing, Congress has passed the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act.
But at least take a look at what could be The Next Big Thing at
On the heels of Monster Wings[TM], the largest chicken wing on the market, and the next big thing in wings[TM], Pierce Chicken[R] has taken innovation even further with a unique Fryable, Buffalo Style Glazed Monster Wing variety.
The organisations on the look-out for the next big thing were NESTA (the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts), TEChINVEST, Merseyside Special Investment Fund and the Arts Council.
[] The next big thing?--Cameraphones will soon offer megapixel resolution, and retailers are taking notice.
This spirit of sharing calls to mind Linux, Apache and Mosaix -- I see a [change in] the way ideas get distributed, and I think the next big thing will be communicated that way.
A weather channel, on the other hand, hardly seemed like the next big thing. But while much-hyped cable ventures like CBS's arts-and-culture network came and went, The Weather Channel figured into the daily routine of more and more viewers.