newtonian fluid

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new·to·ni·an flu·id

a fluid in which flow and rate of shear are always proportional to the applied stress; such fluid precisely obeys Poiseuille law. Compare: nonnewtonian fluid.


Sir Isaac, English physicist, 1642-1727.
newton - derived unit of force in the SI system.
Newton disk - a disk on which there are seven colored sectors, which, when rapidly rotated, appear white.
Newton law - the attractive force between any two bodies is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers. Synonym(s): law of gravitation
Newton rings - colored rings on thin surfaces.
newtonian aberration - the difference in focus or magnification of an image arising because of a difference in the refraction of different wavelengths composing white light. Synonym(s): chromatic aberration
newtonian constant of gravitation - a universal constant relating the gravitational force, attracting two masses toward each other when they are separated by a distance.
newtonian flow - the type of flow characteristic of a newtonian fluid.
newtonian fluid - a fluid in which flow and rate of shear are always proportional to the applied stress.
newtonian viscosity - the viscosity characteristics of a newtonian fluid.
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If the liquid behaves as a Newtonian liquid, the key point is the use of the formula expressing the flow rate of a plane Poiseuille flow in the small gap between the knife and the roll combined with mass conservation.
Powell, CA, Savage, MD, Guthrie, JT, "Computational Simulation of the Printing of Newtonian Liquid from a Trapezoidal Cavity.
The lubricant is a Newtonian liquid of constant viscosity (isothermal flow).
As plasma is a Newtonian liquid, this observation speaks for Fung's solution that the liquid near the wall should be expressed with a shear-independent viscosity.
Unfortunately, the introduction of pigments into a Newtonian liquid produces considerable deviations from Newtonian behavior.
1) made a theoretical study of the development of a film of a Newtonian liquid flowing on a rotating disk.
The outer cavity shape factor is inherently different from the inner cavity shape factor introduced below except for the case of a Newtonian liquid with negligible inertia.
The system pressure of the Newtonian liquid shows quite the same curvature as the LIB slurry when reacting to the valve switching.
The extensional viscosity results show stretch-thinning behavior and an extensional viscosity that is 14-56 times higher than the shear viscosity of the suspension; for a Newtonian liquid, the extensional viscosity exceeds the shear viscosity by a factor of 3, that is, the Trouton ratio is exactly 3.
Based on the limited amount of information available on the hydrodynamics of a falling non-Newtonian drop in a Newtonian liquid, the objective of this work is to present a simple correlation for deformation of surfactant-covered drops.
0] are larger than the corresponding values in a Newtonian liquid, whereas for [[lambda].