Newcastle disease virus

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New·cas·tle dis·ease vi·rus

a virus of the genus Rubulavirus, family Paranexoviridae, causing Newcastle disease in chickens and, to a lesser extent, in turkeys and other birds; it may occasionally infect laboratory and poultry workers, causing conjunctivitis and lymphadenitis.

Newcastle Disease virus,

n a paramyxovirus that causes a fatal disease in birds. Both the lytic and nonlytic strains of the virus are being used in NDV-based cancer therapy.
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Structural features unique to each of the three antigenic sites on the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase protein of Newcastle disease virus.
Researchers found they were able to protect pigs against an H3 influenza strain by using the Newcastle disease virus to develop a recombinant virus vaccine.
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Amino acid substitutions in a conserved region in the stalk of the Newcastle disease virus HN glycoprotein spike impair its neuraminidase activity in the globular domain.
The study was performed using a form of the Newcastle disease virus.
The present study was designed to evaluate the effects of different herbal extracts on the skeletal strength, nervous system, lipid profile and anti-Newcastle Disease Virus-Hem-Agglutination Inhibition (Anti-NDV-HI) antibody levels of the Newcastle disease virus (NDV) immunized broiler chicks.
Newcastle disease virus (NDV) has a wide host range, including approximately 241 species of 27 orders, out of known 50 orders of birds (3).
The Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) put up checkpoints to analyze and control the entry of chickens from areas where an infestation of the Newcastle disease virus (NDV) had been found.
LINGAYEN -- The Newcastle disease virus (NDV) did not strike commercial poultry farms in the Ilocos region, but it has killed at least 173,000 backyard chickens and gamecocks in three provinces there in the last two months, government veterinarians said on Monday.
The allantoic fluid tested negative through hemagglutination test and PCR for common duck viruses, including avian influenza virus, Newcastle disease virus and duck herpesvirus 1.

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