Newcastle disease virus

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New·cas·tle dis·ease vi·rus

a virus of the genus Rubulavirus, family Paranexoviridae, causing Newcastle disease in chickens and, to a lesser extent, in turkeys and other birds; it may occasionally infect laboratory and poultry workers, causing conjunctivitis and lymphadenitis.
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Using the same method for developing the H5N1 vaccine, researchers inserted a small section of the H7N9 virus into the Newcastle disease virus vaccine.
Generation and evaluation of a recombinant Newcastle disease virus expressing the glycoprotein (G) of avian metapneumovirus subgroup C as a bivalent vaccine in turkeys.
Abbreviations [C.sub.q]: Quantitation cycle cRNA: Antigenomic RNA CV: Coefficient of variation F: Fusion protein gRNA: Genomic RNA HN: Haemagglutinin-neuraminidase L: Large protein M: Matrix protein MOI: Multiplicity of infection mRNA: Messenger RNA ND: Newcastle disease NDV: Newcastle disease virus NP: Nucleoprotein P: Phosphoprotein PBS: Phosphate-buffered saline pi: postinfection qPCR: Quantitative PCR RT: Reverse transcription RT-PCR: Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction SPF: Specific pathogen-free [TCID.sub.50]: 50% tissue culture infection dose vRdRp: Viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase vRNA: Viral RNA.
Responding to a question, Kouyialis assured Cypriot citizens that the Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) that has affected poultry farms in Kokkinotrimithia area in Cyprus is no threat to humans and noted that if the research conducted shows that the virus was transferred from the northern Turkish occupied areas of the island, then he will ask the EU to provide the compensation to affected farms.
Washington, April 9 ( ANI ): Researchers at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine have discovered that a genetically engineered Newcastle disease virus, which harms chickens but not humans, kills prostate cancer cells of all kinds, including hormone-resistant cancer cells.
On March 20, 2012, Laszlo Csatary, MD, the first person to use Newcastle disease virus (NDV) in the treatment of cancer, passed away in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
virus by haemagglutination inhibition (HAI) test using positive antiserum against Newcastle disease virus (Allan, 1978).

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