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Canberra, Jumada II 4, 1435, Apr 4, 2014, SPA -- Saudi Ambassador to Australia and New Zeeland Nabil Al Saleh met here today with the Assistant Rector of McWari University for International Affairs Jim Lee.
He also expressed interest in New Zealand s experience of revamping public sector institutions through governance reforms, and expressed desire of building linkages with higher education institutions in New Zeeland for sharing best training practices.
Singapore came on top of the world ranking followed by Hong Kong, New Zeeland, USA, Denmark and Norway.
Delegates from Arab countries, Europe, the United States, Canada and New Zeeland heard reports given by experts on Middle Eastern issues.
He said as education was very much expensive in UK and visa process is very lengthy, the teachers should try to get admission in Germany, Sweden, Japan, Australia, New Zeeland and Chinese varsities.
Three of the agencies, which I had contacted from their advertisements in Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zeeland, were in constant touch by e-mail and phone and were excited by our arrival.
Not for release in the United States of America, Australia, Japan, New Zeeland or Canada.
Hong Kong came 1st, Singapore 2nd, New Zeeland 3rd, Swiss 4th, Australia 5th, Canada 6th, Bahrain 7th and Chile 10th.