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New Age

A metaphor for expressing transformative, creative spirits in the world in a way that opens one to the presence of God in all things. New Age is an expression of a balance between transformation and routine, between change and maturation, between the birth of what can be and what is, and between empowerment and surrender.

A vast array of philosophies, activities, belief systems and concepts have either aligned themselves or been identified with the New Age movement, including astral projection, channelling, graphology, global concerns, medical astrology mysticism, near-death experiences, New Age music, visionary art and others.
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New Age

“…a metaphor for the expression of a transformative, creative spirit…for being in the world in a manner that opens us to the presence of God…in the midst of our ordinariness…”. See Alternative medicine, Healer.
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Q. I would like to know the best age for pregnancy? Hi I am Deontae; I got married before 1 year. I and my wife planned to have a baby after 3 years. But now she is 25. I would like to know the best age for pregnancy? Which will help us to change our plan?

A. actually there is no best age for pregnancy (as far as i know), but some studies and research had shown that after 35 years old, a pregnancy is categorized as high risk, because there are some abnormalities and labor complication that are tend to happened (statistically) along with the increase of mother's age (such as: down syndrome, genetic disorder, post-partum bleeding, miscarriage, etc.)

so if your wife is now 25, i think you guys still have another 5-10 years to "accomplish" your family plan, hehehe...
Good luck, and stay healthy always..

Q. when is the most common age to get any kind of cancer? is there is such age?

A. no, not really. but i guess the older you get the older something can pop out. the cells are dividing and multiplying all of our life, and cancer can occur because of mutation happened in the cells.

Q. Does eyesight always decrease with age? I am 45 years old and never had glasses. All my friends are starting to wear reading glasses. Should I expect this too?

A. This is what usually happens; your eyesight deteriorates as you get older. Here is a link to a few things you can do in order to protect your eyesight:

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