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 (ns) [nan´o-sek″ond]
one billionth (10−9) of a second.
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Abbreviation for normal saline.
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A gene on chromosome 5q32 that encodes a multidomain serine protease inhibitor with 15 potential inhibitory domains, which may play a role in skin and hair morphogenesis and anti-inflammatory and/or antimicrobial protection of mucous epithelia.

Molecular pathology
SPINK5 mutations cause Netherton syndrome.
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Caption: This dancer is much more indicative of the New Style. The feather hat he is wearing was very popular during the 1990s and is seeing a resurgence in popularity.
"We brought exclusive new styles every time instead of repeating the old ones.
The new Style AB1 bracket, part of the VicFlex sprinkler fitting line of products, eliminates the need for sprinkler installers to handle ceiling tiles, cut holes in ceiling tiles and coordinate with the ceiling trade on the jobsite, reducing hands-on installation time by as much as 39 per cent.
As for the lifter, our gut feeling is that the new style lifter won't interchange with your old timer but check this out with Remington as well.
New style wines such as those by the pioneering wine company Torres of Penedes in Catalonia now personify Spanish whites, epitomised in the adorable Vina Sol (wine of the sun).
The new style Tristar Homes would not be a private landlord, they would be registered with the Tenant Services Authority (which regulates all social housing landlords, including Councils) and would be run by a Board of 12 Directors; four tenants, four people nominated by the Council and four independent local people.
Haifa recenlty met with Sa'deh in Lebanon to agree upon the new style of the clip.
RETAILER John Lewis is to launch a new style of shop, selling just home and electrical goods - which could create thousands of new jobs.
QUICK fire lyrics and tongue twisting rapping is set to hit Birmingham airwaves next month when the New Style Radio MC competition kicks off.
She saw the New Style Presenter search as a last hope attempt to become the next big thing in radio.
VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a new style of high-performance shared server developed by Verio.

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