New Normal

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A term of art referring to a person’s self, achieved after a traumatic loss of a loved one, as in "This is my 'new normal'"
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So it's not so much trying to reduce litter, because lots more new normal bins at a fraction of the price would do that.
Bitcoin's new normal bottom is $10,000, predicts the CEO of one of the world's largest independent financial advisory organisations.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 19 (ANI): Taking a jibe at the Centre over the situation of Jammu and Kashmir, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Monday said that a "new normal" is prevailing in the region.
Pakistan, the US and the world at large appears to have got used to a new normal.
Lourenco Goncalves, Cleveland-Cliffs' Chairman, President and CEO, said, "The New Normal in the global iron ore market has started to influence our results, offsetting weak steel prices in the United States during the second quarter.
Two brokers shrug that it's simply the new normal for AM radio stations — regardless of their rich history or past value.
DEVASTATING Ebola outbreaks affecting thousands of victims are a "new normal", the World Health Organization has warned.
It comes just two years after Britain marked its first full day without coal, and National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) director Fintan Slye predicted coal-free generation would become the "new normal".
"Landlords and occupiers alike are seeing flexible office as the new normal - a valuable way to manage their portfolios and real estate requirements," said Eugene Lee, Global Head of Real Estate and Business Development at Knotel.
However, now being worried is a new normal. Global warming, climate change and economic crisis have impacted the mankind collectively.
Rodel Batocabe in Daraga, Albay, saying that such a brazen crime 'must not be the new normal.'