New Normal

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A term of art referring to a person’s self, achieved after a traumatic loss of a loved one, as in "This is my 'new normal'"
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Summary: Actress says people have to accept this new normal
Instant has the potential to become the new normal, and we will wonder how we were ever satisfied with payments arriving only on the next business day.
Hon Dogara said, 'Even if certain principles of democracy were normal before, in this age of new normal, you have people questioning it.
Keiichiro Komatsu's article on "Future Prospects of Geopolitical Risks: Adapting to the New Normal Era" in our March/April 2017 issue.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 18 (ANI): The Election Commission has stated that winning the elections at all cost, without ethics, is a new normal in politics.
Chronically sleepy and stressed-out teenagers might be a new normal among U.
A new normal has been used broadly but tends to be descriptive and ambiguously defined.
com/low-interest-rates-may-be-new-normal-bank-international-settlements-says-1987322) Rates May Be The New Normal
Open Innovation our pioneering initiative for sharing our compounds, technology and expertise with academic and industry collaborators could soon become the new normal for medicines research.
Asked about the timing, given China's recent economic uncertainty, Hanck acknowledged that "there is a slowdown, there is a new normal, but our growth is not necessarily directly linked with growth of the overall industry.
The only constant is change and you've got two choices: Embrace the new normal or waste your time grumbling and reminiscing.
Therefore, we must seek ways to support them and enable them to lead a new normal life.