New Forest

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New Forest

named after the New Forest in the UK.

New Forest disease
see infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis.
New Forest eye
see infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis.
New Forest fly
see hippoboscaequina.
New Forest pony
an English pony, any solid color, 12.2 to 14.2 hands high; an all-round riding pony.

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Q. Do you know where can I find alcoholism treatment centers in Forest Grove, Pennsylvania? My stepmother is asking for my help to find an alcoholism treatment center where she can admit her daughter. Sabina, my stepsister has been addicted to alcohol ever since our dad died. Though we weren't very close, I still want her back to her normal state for she's still my sister. Please help me.

A. Look in the phone book for AA or Alcoholics Anonymous and call and you will find the best answer for your particular questions. Don't wait.

Pittsburgh Area Central Office
401 Wood Street
Suite 906
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
United States

24 Hour Answering Service (Washington, PA)
Washington, PENNSYLVANIA 15301
United States

521 Club, The - A recovery clubhouse. Hosts Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. (717) 299-9397 or (717) 509-6920. 2400 Butter Road. Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Northeastern Pennsylvania Alcoholics Anonymous - Includes Forest City, Hotline (570) 654-0488.

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The deep-water port will sit snugly inside the planned boundary of the New Forest National Park which was unveiled by the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott 18 months ago.
The New Forest National Park Authority is seeking to set-up a public bike system, initially in the south east corner of the National Park.
The New Forest National Park Authority have been successful in securing funding of Au2m for a public bike sharing scheme.
Dr Alex Rogers said: "We're hoping that the millions of visitors to the New Forest National Park can use their smartphones to help us locate any remaining colonies of the cicada that might be in the forest.
But pylons and cables already stretched through beauty spots such as Longdendale in the Peak District, the New Forest National Park west of Southampton and towards Verwood in Dorset, the South Downs National Park, particularly around Petersfield; the Cotswolds and the North Wessex Downs, the CPRE said.
The couple, who have two children, got married in front of family and friends at the luxurious Lime Wood hotel which is nestled in the heart of the New Forest National Park in southern England.
AN idyllic woodland lodge in the heart of New Forest National Park is the perfect hideaway for a break from the daily grind.
UNDER pounds 200 Set in 140 acres of landscaped park on the edge of the New Forest National Park, Paultons Park offers more than 50 rides and attractions.