New Age Music

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A style of music intended to relax the listener, and realign mind, body and spirit
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The musical style of all three albums is considered New Age music.
In recent years New Age music (NAM) has become a widespread and familiar musical category--on radio stations, in music stores, at festivals and at musical performances.
Missa Johnouchi creates Asian-style New Age music and is known to present and direct her own musical works, aiming to convey a 'peace of the heart' message and a 'testimony of respect'.
Instead, the music is infused with a kind of sped-up new age sensibility: Like new age music, it embraces the more enthusiastic end of electronic music production.
Featuring endless overdubs of Barwick's wordless, angelic vocals, it's eerie, soothing, and thought-provoking--like New Age music with substance.
The overall concept of munni is great; it is a change from the typical new age music and is liked by all age groups.
The word "fusion" conjures up images of New Age music, food or maybe nuclear warheads.
Candlelight baths, new age music, good food and wine will all help to bring you back down to earth.
Then we're whisked off over the rainbow somewhere to limbo land for a surrealistic trip though a kaleidoscope of landscapes accompanied by some jangly new age music, watching Susie run though the hills of her pseudo-heaven.
New age music plays from the stereo, pan pipes and piano evoking opulence and exotic spa treatments.
There I stood alone in a large, dark bathroom with piped-in, ultra-soft New Age music, getting ready to face infinity--for an hour, at least.
While this study used New Age music, classical music should work beautifully.