neutron radiation

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neu·tron ra·di·a·tion

an emission of neutrons from the nucleus of an atom by decay or fission.
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n] [greater than or equal to] 100 keV) the second term in the brackets for the neutron flux density (18), which is included in the expression (20), will be significantly larger than the first and therefore the energy spectrum of moderated neutrons in this part of the energies is the same as the fission neutron spectrum (maximum is in the high part of the spectrum).
The training program includes learning the complex setup process for the k0 method (extensive detector and neutron spectrum calibrations), configuring various software packages, irradiation and measurement planning, interpreting gamma spectra and performing calculations, client interactions and quality assurance/control.
This method allows an increase in the number of degrees of freedom to operate the neutron spectrum.
Accurate fission parameters will be determined to improve inventory estimates, to further increase the understanding of the neutron spectrum from fission and to assess heating by gamma rays.
The reactor produces a hard neutron spectrum in the through-channel (average neutron energy 0.