neutral red

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neu·tral red

(nū'trăl red), [C.I. 50040]
Used as an indicator (red at pH 6.8, yellow at 8), as a vital dye to stain granules and vacuoles in living cells, in testing the secretion of acid by the stomach (given with a test meal), and in general histologic staining.
Synonym(s): toluylene red
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Neutral red chloride dye was purchased from British drug house Ltd, London.
Cells exposed to the antibiotic gentamicin showed no change in the uptake of neutral red dye, indicating that the endocytosis function was not impaired by the antibiotic.
Evaluation of neutral red retention assay, micronucleus test, acetylcholinesterase activity and a signal transduction molecule (cAMP) in tissues of Mytilus galloprovincialis (L.), in pollution monitoring.
Here, in this study, the influence of hydrogel ionogenity and hydrophilicity on the swelling behavior, adsorption and decolorization of the phenazine dyes such as Neutral Red, Safranin T, and Janus Green were investigated, too.
The expression of CD11b on the cell surface was examined, and results showed that greater than 95% of cells were positive; moreover, based on neutral red assays, the cells exhibited good phagocytic activity (Figure 1(a)).
At first, we analyzed the effects of different concentrations of cisplatin on human embryonic kidney epithelial-like (AD293), cervical carcinoma epitheliallike (Hela), and ovarian adenocarcinoma epithelial-like (OVCAR-3) cells viability using the MTT and Neutral Red assays.
Next, cells were treated with 10 [micro]L of 2% neutral red solution (see Section 2.10.1) and incubated for 30 min.
Some studies have documented that the retention of dyes in or on termites varies significantly between both the type of dye applied and the termite species under investigation i.e., Neutral red and Nile blue-A have proven valuable for long-term studies i.e., 11 weeks for certain termite species, but not for others (Haagsma and Rust, 1993; Oi 2000; Su et al., 1991).
dead cells utilizing 3T3 fibroblasts neutral red uptake.
Viable infectious recombinant AcSINV-3 virus particles were detected through plaque assay in Sf21 cells using standard procedures and stained using neutral red. Individual plaques were picked using sterile glass Pasteur pipettes and placed into 400 |uL SF900II + 10% FCS.
It features a lipstick in Kinky (a vivid neutral red) for PS15.50 and a matching Lipglass of the same name (sheer red with multidimensional glitter) for PS14.50.