neutral spirits

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neu·tral spir·its

spirits distilled from suitable raw materials, are 95% ethanol (v/v), that is, at least 190 proof when distilled. Used for blending with straight whiskey and for making gin, cordials, liqueurs, and vodka.
See also: alcohol.
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The namesake gin is single distilled in a small pot still using neutral grain spirits and a secret mix of 8 botanicals.
The botanicals used to flavor and aromatize compounded gins are infused into neutral grain spirits after distillation, whereas with a conventional London Dry Gin, the botanicals are introduced during distillation.
Sylvius distilled neutral grain spirits and infused the resulting drink with juniper oil.
While other brands typically buy neutral grain spirits in bulk on the open market and distill from there, the Infinite Spirits team struck an innovative partnership.
The development of a neutral grain spirits distillery that would produce whiskey and vodka from the barley raised by local farmers.
Uncle Val's--Handcrafted in Sonoma County, Uncle Val's is constructed on a foundation of neutral grain spirits that are slowly steeped with a botanical mix that includes lavender, sage, lemon peels, cucumber and juniper.