Trademarked surrogate testes composed of a polypropylene homopolymer, which are implanted into castrated dogs, as well as cats, bulls, etc., on the premise that the animals have a body image that mandates this form of cosmetic surgery
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Neuticles - If you've had your dog neutered and are worried about all the other dogs making fun of your mutt's lack of tackle, then testicular implants may be the answer.
1995 Neuticles, fake testicles for neutered dogs, are introduced.
Miller developed Neuticles, originally marketed for use in dogs.
They can spend only so much time grooming their Neuticles.
As his website says: "Neuticles allowing your pet to retain his natural look, self-esteem and aids in the trauma associated with neutering."
He has sold more than 150,000 Neuticles, at a quarter of a million pound profit.
And in America Baxter the dog is being put through a revolutionary new procedure - inserting plastic testicles called Neuticles into neutered dogs.
The "neuticles" are designed to give the two-year-old mutt a fully-functional appearance.
So, to safeguard Buck's manliness and his mental well being, Mr Miller invented Neuticles, almond-shaped polypropylene implants which look just like real testicles.
Neuticles cost pounds 16 for a chihuahua and pounds 20 for a St Bernard.
And so do the more than 100,000 other pets in 37 countries who have had the artificial implants called Neuticles surgically inserted in their scrotums.