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A modified form of melanin pigment normally found in certain neurons of the nervous system, especially in the substantia nigra and locus ceruleus.
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The proposed neuromelanin connection,while not endorsed by all MPTP researchers, is supported by the new data.
Several epithelial cells contained abundant mitochondria that corresponded to the oncocytic histomorphologic component, and neuromelanin was no longer discernible.
strongly binds to dopamine-rich neuromelanin isolated from a monkey's substantia nigra.
Staining with a Fontana-Masson for neuromelanin was noted but did not bleach with hydrogen peroxide, which is more characteristic of melanin pigment.
15] In many of these tumors the pigment was melanin,[2,7-14] whereas in others it was neuromelanin.
The function of neuromelanin has yet to be worked out.
Certainly, the presence of neuromelanin within a tumor or characteristic cytologic features, including intranuclear invaginations of cytoplasm or prominent nucleolation, can be helpful diagnostic clues when differentiating melanoma from carcinoma (either primary or metastatic).