Neuroelectric Therapy

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A technique in which electrodes are placed on or near the ears to pass low level—less than that used in electroshock therapy—electricity through the brain; the person is awake and alert; CES can relieve anxiety for limited periods, through an unknown mechanism, and is an adjunct to anxiolytics and/or psychotherapy
Side effects Headache, lightheadedness, skin irritation Contraindications History of epilepsy or seizures
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It is noticeable that despite the lack of sufficient evidence, a number of methods such as homeopathy hypnosis, neuroelectric therapy (NET), transcranial electrotherapy and electroacupuncture (EA) are commonly used in the treatment of ND (3).
Barry Phillips was hailed by The Third Step, who used him to pioneer neuroelectric therapy.
The addicts were chosen from hundreds of users to take part in the pounds 40,000 neuroelectric therapy trial for The Final Fix?