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Steroid produced within the brain.
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This increase appears to be mediated by activation of the HPA axis because the increase in neuroactive steroid levels elicited by these stimuli can be blocked by disruption of the HPA axis via adrenalectomy (O'Dell et al.
Neuroactive steroid 3[alpha]-hydroxy-5[alpha]-pregnan-2[alpha]-one modulates electrophysiological and behavioral actions of ethanol.
GABA(A) receptor-modulating neuroactive steroid composition in patients with panic disorder before and during paroxetine treatment.
Coleman developed a significant partnership with American Home Products (AHP) for an anxiolytic based on CoCensys' neuroactive steroid platform called epalons.
Under this amended royalty-bearing agreement, CoCensys has exclusive, worldwide rights to Massachusetts General Hospital's patent-pending technology for the use of neuroactive steroid drugs and other GABA receptor modulators in the treatment of migraine.
Phase II clinical trials of the company's lead neuroactive steroid (epalon) compound, CCD 1042 or ganaxolone.
Moreover, when we administered a neuroactive steroid and diazepam together, we saw 30-fold increases in the protective index of diazepam.
Nasdaq: COCN) announced today that it has initiated a 250-patient, Phase II clinical trial of its lead neuroactive steroid (epalon) compound, ganaxolone or CCD 1042, in patients with migraine.
Nasdaq: COCN) announced this morning at the Hambrecht & Quist Healthcare Conference that it plans to test its lead neuroactive steroid (epalon) compound, CCD 1042, in patients with migraine.
Among specific topics are why the choice of progestin matters in neuroprotection, neuroactive steroids and peripheral neuropathy, somatostatin and neuroprotection in the retina, thyroid hormone action on glioma cells, and the obligatory functions of gonadotropins and progestogens during early embryogenesis and their role in adults.
Neuroactive steroids can modulate brain excitability by interaction with several neurotransmitter receptor-associated channels.
ISTANBUL, TURKEY -- Neuroactive steroids might have a future as adjunctive therapy for alcohol dependence in a subset of affected patients, a pharmacogenetic study suggests.