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A discipline which takes its cue from economics, neuroscience and psychology to study how people make decisions, stratify risks and rewards, and interact with each other, in particular regarding finances
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Neuro-Economics: An Overview from an Economic Perspective.
The study explains why public support for Catalan independence has grown so fast, pondering whether this support is temporary or permanent, and also analyzes the core problems at the heart of conflicts between Catalonia and Spain, drawing on ideas from social psychology, organizational theory, neurobiology, and neuro-economics. Distributed in the US by IPG.
At the heart of this lies a fascinating debate on behavioural financial models versus "the market", and the emerging discipline of "neuro-economics," which combines evolutionary biology, neurology and financial market behaviour.
There is some evidence from neuro-economics that impatience may be related to certain brain structures".
From another point of view--including the findings of cognitional sciences (von Foerster), of the neuro-economics, of organizational communication (Taylor), of system theory (Luhmann) and stochastic-dynamic decision-making--there are some points missing.
Behavioral economics, experimental economics, and, most recently, neuro-economics have shown that optimizing rationality is not always the dominant factor in what we do, even in narrow economic decisions.
Today we have more ways to find how the world works--from lab and field experiments to behavioral economics to the simulations of computational economics to the brain scans of neuro-economics to econometric methodology to administrative and survey data on thousands of firms and hundreds of thousands of workers in dozens of countries, longitudinal as well as cross-section--than was imaginable when I was a graduate student.
Content includes findings from cognitive science, game theory, behavioral economics, neuro-economics, ethology and evolutionary psychology.
And here passions flared for neuro-computing and neuro-economics.
Content includes findings and information from a range of fields, including cognitive science, game theory, behavioral economics, neuro-economics, ethology and evolutionary psychology.
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