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Neurenteric canal cyst is presumably the result of incomplete separation of the notochord from the foregut in embryogenesis.
Moreover, in a child with atypical meningitis and large unexplained nontraumatic pneumocephalus, neurenteric fistula as a possible etiology needs to be strongly considered.
Spinal neurenteric cysts are infrequently reported congenital abnormalities that are believed to be derived from an abnormal connection between the primitive endoderm and ectoderm during the 3rd week of life.
A guide to the pathologies that develop at different embryological stages Gastrulation Primary neurulation Split cord Spinal lipoma--premature malformation--duplicated dysjunction and mesoderm notochord migration Neurenteric cysts--failure Dermal sinus track--late of notochord precursor dysjunction integration Gastrulation Secondary neurulation Split cord Thick filum--failure of malformation--duplicated terminal mass regression (Fig.
Neurenteric cysts in children: 16 consecutive cases and review of the literature.
SCM is a rare form of spinal dysraphism which occurs as a result of the foetus having an accessory neurenteric canal.
Congenital--Arachnoid, colloid, epidermoid, dermoid, neurenteric, Rathke cleft.
Other intradural/extramedullary spine tumors in children include the myxo-papillary subgroup of ependymomas, nerve-sheath tumors, such as schwannoma and neurofibroma; congenital or dysontogenetic masses such as the dermal inclusion cyst (dermoid and epidermoid cyst); neurenteric cysts, and arachnoid cysts.
Neurenteric cysts are uncommonly reported congenital abnormalities that are thought to be an abnormal connection between the endoderm and ectoderm during the 3rd week of life.
No syringohydromyelia, neurenteric cyst or meningocoele could be demonstrated.
Foregut duplication cysts when associated with vertebral anomalies, they are called neurenteric cysts, the other association being malrotation (4, 9).
From this developmental theory, associated visceral abnormalities can be explained, including neurenteric fistula, as reported by Tortori-Donati et al.