Infectious disease An orphan drug for treating life-threatening infections–eg, meningococcemia–aka meningococcal septicemia, gram-negative bacteria, and N meningitidis infection in Pts with partial hepatectomy. See Meningococcemia.
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Neuprex, a bactericidal permeability increasing protein, fights bacterial poisoning, but was developed for adults and older children.
They also will see whether they are able to discontinue blood-pressure medications and ventilators earlier by using Neuprex. "The hope is that if they don't have all the swelling and problems with their lungs and heart, they can get off the ventilators and out of the ICU faster," Molitor-Kirsch concludes.
San Francisco, CA) on the Xanelim antibody for psoriasis (Phase III) and other indications; with Baxter Healthcare Corporation to develop NEUPREX (rBPI-21) for Crohn's disease (Phase II) and other indications; with Millennium on two biotherapeutic agents, CAB-2 and LDP-01, for certain vascular inflammation indications (preclinical); and with Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
The new drug, Neuprex, wraps itself round the poisons which are spread in the bloodstream, and neutralises them.