Infectious disease An orphan drug for treating life-threatening infections–eg, meningococcemia–aka meningococcal septicemia, gram-negative bacteria, and N meningitidis infection in Pts with partial hepatectomy. See Meningococcemia.
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Neuprex, a bactericidal permeability increasing protein, fights bacterial poisoning, but was developed for adults and older children.
They also will see whether they are able to discontinue blood-pressure medications and ventilators earlier by using Neuprex.
San Francisco, CA) on the Xanelim antibody for psoriasis (Phase III) and other indications; with Baxter Healthcare Corporation to develop NEUPREX (rBPI-21) for Crohn's disease (Phase II) and other indications; with Millennium on two biotherapeutic agents, CAB-2 and LDP-01, for certain vascular inflammation indications (preclinical); and with Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
The new drug, Neuprex, wraps itself round the poisons which are spread in the bloodstream, and neutralises them.