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Fred, German bacteriologist, 1869-1945. See: Neufeld reaction, Neufeld capsular swelling.
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Earlier this summer, CMA Management sat down for a talk with a few telework experts to find out more about how best to implement such a tool: Derrick Neufeld, CMA, a professor at the Richard Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario) whose research examines the intersection of technology and people; Bob Fortier, a telework pioneer in Canada and founder and principal of InnoVisions Canada, a telework consulting company; and Susan Turner, IBM Canada's diversity and workplace programs executive.
Lynne Neufeld, former NFAIS executive director, who was killed at the age of 64 in one-vehicle automobile accident on May 2, 2004, near Evanston, Wyo.
and Canadian citizens are exemplified by comments from the Canadian Minister of Energy and Mines, Richard Neufeld, during his opening address for the 44th Canadian Conference on Coal two years ago in British Columbia.
A delegation led by Richard Neufeld, the Minister of Energy and Mines for British Columbia, will today meet with energy and offshore oil and gas experts during a tour of Tyneside and Northumberland.
Andrew Neufeld and Andrew Parnaby, The IWA in Canada: The Life and Times of an Industrial Union, (Vancouver: IWA Canada/New Star Books, 2000)
Second rows Ryan Neufeld and Mari Sampra, aided by flankers Tom McIntosh and Ally Allcock, formed a tight unit that prospered.
Producer Mace Neufeld described the pic as "cathartic" and faithful to Tom Clancy's 11-year-old novel.
Actual Innocence by Barry Scheck, Peter Neufeld, and Jim Dwyer, Doubleday, New York, New York, 2000.
The other parties with a role in the controversy are the provincial oil and gas commission, which approved the pipeline application, and the province itself, represented by Richard Neufeld, B.
DNA tests had been conducted on the evidence in 1989 when, as Harvey's lawyer, Peter Neufeld, said, DNA testing was "in its infancy.
We showed that despite the pressure, we were still able to protect the ocular ganglion cells," says Neufeld.
THE script is almost finished and producer Mace Neufeld is eager to start work, but filming of Tom Clancy's book The Sum of All Fears will have to wait until Harrison Ford is ready.