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Fred, German bacteriologist, 1869-1945. See: Neufeld reaction, Neufeld capsular swelling.
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In "Wooden Dinky Toys", Les Neufeld, a professional woodworker and wooden toy expert, redesigns the favorites of the Dinky Toy line so anyone who enjoys working with wood can make beautiful versions of these iconic toys.
"It was the beginning of chemistry," said David Neufeld, a professor at John Hopkins University and co-author of a study published Wednesday detailing how -- after a multi-decade search -- scientists finally detected the elusive molecule in space.
BRIDGE CLUB Results: NS 1 Irene Cochran and Maureen Gray; 2 John McGregor and Margaret Neufeld; 3 Margaret English and Barbara Ross.
Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld, and Co-founder Cole Cacciavillani, are both nearing the end of their five-year journey with the company and will transition out of their executive roles over the coming months but remain on the Board.
David Neufeld has joined the firm of Flaster Greenberg PC as shareholder.
Economist Kay Neufeld said the onus is now on employers to further bolster spending power.
Tambien en este caso fue central el contacto con los textos producidos por el equipo de Elsie Rockwell, que sintonizaban muy bien con los abordajes criticos a la "antropologia heredada" que caracterizaba a la antropologia local (Neufeld y Wallace, 1998).
If given the green light, the SDM/Aphria deal would last five years with a requirement for the drug store to purchase a minimum amount of cannabis every year, according to Aphria's chief executive officer, Vic Neufeld.
Simpson defense attorneys Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, who cofounded the Manhattan-based Innocence Project in 1991.
Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Washington, Steve Tisch, Alex Siskin, Michael Sloan, Tony Eldridge and Mace Neufeld are producing the film.
It was soon challenged in court, a charge led by defense attorneys Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld. The pair went on to found the Innocence Project, which is most famous for using DNA evidence to exonerate 350 people who were convicted of crimes they didn't commit.