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To apportion a thing.


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Scottish Health Authorities Revenue Equalisation
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1990 Projections(1) 1990 Actual(2) Three network prime-time share of audience (%) 61.7 62.0 Network share of revenue (%) 87.5 80.0 Cable penetration (%) 54.0 59.2 Cable revenue per household (divided by consumer price index) 30.89(3) 36.04 (1) Based on Krugman and Rust, 1987.
Cable television's growing intrusion has cut the network share of viewing time from 90 percent in 1970 to 68 percent in 1985.
With this type of job customers can automatically create DFS links on a DFS Server for each network share existing on a source server.
If software is not an option, a common strategy is to issue individual "network share drives" to laptop users so that they can drag and drop copies of their files to a network drive.

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